St. Luke Early Childhood Center
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Our faith filled, professional staff and administration bring years of dedication and experience in the field of early childhood education to our rich curriculum. Our curriculum meets all of the standards and benchmarks required by the State of Florida and the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

  • Kathie Mitchell - Director
​          I am thrilled to be in my 23rd year here at St. 
          Luke ECC.  Both of my children attended 
          preschool here and I feel blessed each day to 
          work with your children- your little miracles!  I 
          have my BS and my CDAE.  

  • Diane Robertson - Pre-K/VPK Teacher
          This is ​my 27th year here at St. Luke ECC 
          and truly enjoy teaching Pre-K.  I have a
          degree in Early Childhood Development and
          Education and love the inquisitive mind of the

  • Rickey Damone - Three's Teacher
            I began here at St. Luke's 18 years ago,
            when I enrolled one of my daughters.  I have
            my AS in Early Childhood and love being a
            part of each child's education journey.

  • Claudia Useche- Three's Teacher            Both of Miss Claudia's children attended St. Luke ECC.  This is Claudia's 6th year teaching here. She has a BS and her FCCPC Teaching Certification.  She is very happy to be working with our 3 day Threes  and teaching Spanish in our VPK extended day class.

  • Christine Potak - Two's Teacher
           This is my 13th year teaching here at
           St. Luke's. I have been teaching pre-school
           since 1995 and have my Bachelor's degree
           in Education.  We enjoy providing a very
            nurturing and positive environment in our 

  • Ray Pickens - Pre-K/VPK Teacher
           This is my 12th year teaching at St. Luke's.
           I have my CDAE and I love teaching. In 
           addition to my Pre-K classroom, I also enjoy
           sharing my love for science in our monthly
           Science Labs.

  • Marybeth Miller - KMO Program                 Marybeth is currently working on her AS in Early Childhood and enjoys working with our littlest children in our KMO program.  Marybeth is starting her 4th year. ​

  • Gail Noyes- Lunch Bunch Program               We are excited to have Gail join us this       year in our Lunch Bunch Program.  She looks forward to sharing her love of Zumba with the children!                                                            

  • Stephanie Murphy- Admin. Assistant
          I have worked at St. Luke ECC for 15 years
          and all four of my children attended pre-
          school here.  I enjoy working with such a
          wonderful staff and friends.  It is very 
          rewarding to be a part of such a wonderful
          early childhood center.

  • Susan Slattery- Pre-K/VPK Teacher
           I am enjoying my 20th year here at St.
           Luke's.  I have my CDA and love working
           with children each day.  I am originally 
           from North Dakota... a long way from 
           sunny Florida. 

  • Susan Darowiche - Three's Assistant  Susan began working at St. Luke's in 2016. She worked in Catholic Schools in Pompano Beach for 15 years. She is excited to be working with our 3's class.

  • Heather Crouch - Three's Assistant
           This is Heather's 2nd year at St. Luke
           Early Childhood Center.  She has her                      teaching certification and has worked in                  Early Childhood for seven years. 

  • Maggie McDonald- Two's Assistant 
           Maggie is starting her 3rd year here at St.              Luke's. She has enjoyed working in KMO                and is looking forward to working with                      Christine in  the 2's class.  Maggie has her 
           BA in Human Development.

  • Judy Insalaco- Pre-K/VPK Assistant         This is my 16th year teaching at St. Luke's.​  I have a BA and my CDAE and enjoy teaching.  I was born in Mass., but moved to Florida as a teenager.

  • Kerry Scarlata - ABC Morning and            Kerry is beginning her 3rd year and           enjoys working with the children making       them feel right at home in our ABC Club in the morning and KMO program. Kerry is working on her CDA.

  • Bailey Austin- ABC After Care                    We are excited to have Bailey join us this year.  She has her BS in Early Childhood and looks forward to creating an afternoon of awesome exploration for the children.